Apply Your Eyeliner

4 Easy Tricks To Help You Apply Your Eyeliner Like A PRO

Apply your eyeliner like a pro and don’t settle for anything less. Before you start recalling all the unsuccessful attempts to apply your eyeliner that ended up with you helplessly, nervously, or hysterically crying over your awkwardly applied eyeliner style on a morning rushing to work, take a deep breath and read this.

So, here we meet again, eyeliner. Yes, you, you black little devil. We’re not afraid of you anymore.

Read these simple hacks and learn how to apply your eyeliner perfectly and with ease

Mastering eyeliner application can be a tricky mission that requires a LOT of patience. However, in most cases, patience is not what really describes us best on a stressful Monday morning.

To make sure that you keep the trauma of mismatching eyes away, get the help of Sellotape! Using the sticky tape, you will be able to create a perfect linear gap between your lashes and the tape which lets you apply your eyeliner like a pro! You can also use the stencils, like the ones sold by Beth Bender Beauty.

There’s another unexpected friend in your household that you can partner up with in a fight with the disobeying eyeliner! And its name is – spoon. Holding a spoon face down and placed over your eye, position the rounded edge to where you want the flick to be, then apply your eyeliner following the round side of the spoon. Fill it out a bit and there you go!

Gel liner is another awesome idea to help you apply your eyeliner smooth and easy because it’s creamy and doesn’t have to be applied too precisely. If you have nothing but a kohl pencil, use a lighter flame to melt its tip a little, and there you go – you just made your own gel liner.

If what sabotages your perfect eyeliner is the difficult upper lash line, apply your liner on the top of the eyelash curler and without the slightest bit of effort, the color will be transferred onto the desired place while you’re curling your lashes.