Valentine's Day nails

4 Adorable Ways To Style Your Valentine’s Day nails

These 4 adorable ways to style your Valentine’s Day nails guarantee to have you equipped with the cutest nail art ever.  All you’re going to need is a little (okay, a little more than little) patience and some cool nail polishes. Thus, waste no more time and go style your nails for the Valentine’s day that is already knocking on our doors!

Valentine’s Day nails – designs you will love!


1. Tasty pizza nails

Valentines Day nails

If this year, pizza is your Valentine, don’t feel shy expressing your love for it with this creative decoration technique. Start with applying a blue base and then creating little triangles. Add some cheese and crust with the top of the  Dotter  tool and you have your cute pizza slices! This print will be perfect for your unique Valentine’s Day nails!


2. Cute little hearts

Valentine's Day nails

If you want to style your nails for the Valentine’s Day in a way they’ll be emanating love all over the place, try out this adorable little hearts technique. Start by filing your nails to resemble an almond shape. After applying the base coat, with the gentle strokes of the polish brush create small hearts, with the hearts’ tops starting at the center of your nails.


3. Pale pastel  pink  marble

Valentine's Day nails

For an elegant set of ladylike nails, you must try out this marble nails tutorial. After applying the pale pink base and letting it dry, add some pearlescent glossy pink polish to one corner of the  makeup  sponge and dab it over on a couple of spots on your nail. Dragging a toothpick over it in different directions, create marble-like lines.


4. Lipstick marks

Valentine's Day nails

These super cute lipstick marks planted on the top of your nails will for sure become real attention thieves in no time. Apply the  basecoat  and then draw the lips with the help of a striper brush.

We are sure that you are gonna be super creative with your Valentine’s Day nails!


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