Maintain A Healthy Weight

3 Easy Basic Rules To Maintain A Healthy Weight

To maintain a healthy weight without frustrating ups and downs is not difficult at all once you surrender yourself to a set of simple routines and healthy habits. To maintain a healthy weight doesn’t need to be a constant struggle – it’s enough to sort out your priorities and settle down with the right choices.

This is why, to maintain a healthy weight, you first need to focus on attaining a healthy lifestyle and long-term success, while staying away from radical diets and impossible-to-stick-with exercise plans. You only need a small and easy backup plan to go back to at the times when you feel like you’re going off the track.

We’re bringing you 5 simple tips to help you maintain a healthy weight long-term

Turn your breakfast into a protein shake. Instead of indulging in high-sugar breakfast cereals, blend yourself a nutrient-rich protein shake. Use fresh berries, almond milk, unsweetened coconut milk, chia seeds and whatever healthy blendable food you desire, and mix it with the protein powder to feel full for hours.

Let the plate be your measure. Counting calories can take all the joys out of eating. Instead, learn how to fill organize your meal in order to get the best out of it. A quarter of your plate should consist of proteins, another quarter of healthy fats, and about two-thirds of it should be non starchy vegetables. Fill the remaining part with low carbs like quinoa.

Healthy swaps are your best friend on your mission to maintain a healthy weight. Abstaining from your favorite foods won’t be such a tempting nightmare if you replace them with the more acceptable, healthy options. For example, including dark chocolate with no additional sugar, kale chips and guacamole, spaghetti squash and similar into your diet will help you decrease your unhealthy cravings.