3 Best Haircuts for Long Hair

3 Best Haircuts for Long Hair

To what extent would you be able to go? On the off chance that these 3 famous people are any sign, the length of you need simply throw in a few layers or blasts to supplement your face shape and hair composition. Here, our most loved hair styles for long hair and how to get them.


Allison Williams

“Her hair is intensely layered around the face, with scarcely there layers at the back and ends,” clarifies hairdresser Matt Fugate. Perfect for straight compositions, it’s additional complimenting for somebody with bunches of fine hair. (It gives weight so the layers don’t look weak.) As for face shape? “You can position the layers to compliment any shape,” clarifies Fugate. Begin your layers at your cheekbones if you have an oval or heart-shaped face and a bit over your cheekbones on the off chance that you’ve got a square jawline, as Williams.



Taylor Swift

On the off chance that you need to add bangs to a long hairdo, look no more distant than Swift’s ’60s trim. To maintain a strategic distance from dorky-looking blunt bangs, don’t cut them too wide, says Fugate. “They ought to make a triangle shape that adjusts to the external corners of your eyes, precisely like Taylor’s.” Also, request that your hairdresser cut up into the ends so they’re not very limit and include a few light, graduated layers in front. Concerning whatever is left of your hair, you could keep it one length or sprinkle in a few light layers. “Simply don’t make the layers around your face too short,” cautions Fugate. “They’ll look most complimenting in the event that they start below the chin.”




“For this wild, curly surface, you require wonderfully mixed, round layers all around your head to give weight without looking overwhelming,” says Fugate. You’re protected regardless of what your face shape €”the trap is to keep the layers on the more drawn out side. “Beyoncé’s first layer doesn’t begin until chin level.