I am addicted To You - 28 Laguna Beach Style Moments That Are SO 2000 6

28 Laguna Beach Style Moments That Are SO 2000



NOT even Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari were immune to the truly horrifying fashion of 2000  before the coming of designers and style setters. Footage evidence is there to show it and if one was to  rewind 2004 and binge to watch the shows that made them famous, the microminis, the bandage  dresses, pedal pushers visitor shades might just prove that Lauren, Kristin, Heidi, Brody and the rest of  the crew were not any different from you and your friends in high school. You don’t have to take our  words for it but see some of the twenty eight completely cringe worthy fashion moment straight from  Laguna Beach and hills.




Pedal pushers, because they decide between pants and shorts. Lauren Conrad certainly did not know  this while visiting the TRL and neither did Kristin Cavallari. Micro minis, Heidi Montag gave us preppy on  top , party on bottom. Kristin also was spotted wearing a smart micromini.



Bandage dress, Heidi showed off the going out uniform in a barely there bandage dress and platform  heels. While Kristin Cavallari proved the dress could get better with cutout. Audrina partridge also had  the uniform down while out in 2008. Minis and boots, winter, spring, summer or fall, this always called  for knee high boot. Heidi channeled risky business meet wild west.

Leggings and pants, the comfort of home even on the red carpet. Though Lauren long dress did not  need leggings underneath, that did not see her from putting some on the way. Going out tops and  jeans, no party worked without this look on Laguna Beach. Lauren again proved a shiny satin top and  boot out jeans are always appropriate.



Headscarves, how else would you dress up on LCD? Tiny tops and tiny shorts, the barely there tops was  the natural choice to complete barely there shorts

Wife beaters, Lauren proved that they were event ready with the right accessories. Lingerie- aspired  clothing. Bringing corset to the red carpet, it was the easiest way to dress up your underthings.



Tube dresses. It is the easiest to throw on. Add some flats and tote and you will be ready for whatever  the day brings without the risk of tan lines. Matching your blazers to your skirt, Jason whaler started  this color coordination look.



Visitors shades. Because the sun never set on the cools Denim blazers, this is the blazer that is perfect  for beach party casual. Tube tops, it is often worn with your favorite flares, just throw it on and you are  good to go.