I am addicted To You - 22 WAYS TO WEAR YOUR SCARF 1



One of the few accessories we have in hand when temperature falls is a soft oozy scarf. Scarves come in  all sort of length, color and even levels of heft. While skinny scarf maybe this season’s trend, there is no  reason to give up on other ways to deck your neck. So whether you go for a silk scarf be it tight or an  oversize knit design to toss over your favorite coat, here are 22 ways to wear your scarf.

o Playing up our coat around the neck
o Barely visible under your favorite jacket
o Tossed over casual ensemble
o Contrasting colors

o Cozy but not toasty over a maxi dress
o Piled over a structured coat
o A soft pop of color with sleek outfit
o A little mussed undraped around the neck
o   A pop of pattern

o As part of all black ensemble
o Slug over the shoulder
o Swept over the lower part of your face to keep warm
o Oversize and blanket like

o Subtle check over a colorful coat
o Wrapped over the top of your jacket
o Matching your jacket
o Fuzzy and warm with a soft sweater
o Summery and light over a dress
o Knotted under your neck
o Stripes and stripes

o Classic with simple wardrobe staple