I am addicted to you - 20 WEDDING SHOES THAT WOW 21

20 Best Wedding Shoes

20 Best Wedding Shoes

From our wedding specialists at Style Me Pretty, explanation making heels to put your best foot forward on your enormous day.

Tasteful and impressive. Two things each shoe ought to be, correct Ms. Chanel?


Add a bit of bling to a generally fantastic dark pump and you’ve got your WOW minute.


The current glass shoe. You won’t have any desire to lose one of these shining Miu Mius.


I am addicted to you - 20 Best Wedding Shoes

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Immaculate at the yacht club, the dance floor, or pretty much any venue, these Manolo Blahnik naval force and white stripes are a moment excellent.


Gold booties always win. Continuously. Booties are the place its at this moment, yet gold booties? Disregard it. Most loved shoes ever.


They may not be blue, but rather they are everything. Well done Mr. Louboutin, well done.


Bows are the best, however when they’re plated and on a shoe? Well its superior to the best.


The bare exemplary pump is perpetually in style, and reward, these Manolo’s will make your legs look 2 miles in length.


Abandon it to Mr. Choo to add a little style to the prominent fighter style. Ideal for the tense lady.


Can you truly turn out badly with a bow? Never, particularly not on the day of your wedding.


Red, unsettles, spiky little heels. These are a hot pair of shoes, and you know it.


These dark booties have won our hearts with the inconspicuous silky example and the bands up the front.


Strappy pumps are an absolute necessity any day, yet when they’re hot pink, they’re an outright must for the day of your wedding!


Precious stones are a young ladies closest companion and as we would see it even your feet require a touch of bling. Strap these puppies on and

appreciate, lovelies.


We adore the most recent wedding stud pattern on the grounds that it has brought these wonders into our lives.


Furthermore, obviously, something blue. Let these Louboutins peep out from under your exquisite ball outfit!


Is it truly a wedding if there isn’t something acquired, something bling? We say not, which is the reason we cherish these Vera Wang Lavender wonders.


Bear everything to anyone who might be in the vicinity, or shoe for this situation. It’s the day of your wedding as it would turn out!


Add a pop of shading to your look with the most fun Jimmy Choo pumps we’ve ever seen!


Pointy toes, lower leg straps, that dazzling red shading peruses excellent with a present day pop.