Surprising McDonald's Facts

18 Surprising McDonald’s Facts You Didn’t Know

We all know and love McDonald’s, right? But there are some facts about it we never heard of.  We’re bringing you 18 surprising McDonald’s facts that will blow your mind more than a Big Mac.

McDonald’s has played an impressive role in shaping modern global culture ever since it opened its very first restaurant in 1940. However, while McDonald’s today stands for one of the more recognizable brands worldwide, with millions of people being served daily all over the world, there are many surprising McDonald’s facts that you most likely didn’t know.

Check out some of the most surprising McDonald’s facts

  1. One of eight American workers has worked for McDonald’s.
Surprising McDonald's Facts


  1. McDonald’s first menu consisted of hot dogs, not hamburgers.
  2. The company opens a new restaurant approximately every 14.5 hours.
Surprising McDonald's Facts


  1. McDonald’s feeds about 68 million people every day – that’s more than the U.K. population.
  2. McDonald’s is the world’s biggest toy distributor. Happy Meal, anyone?
Surprising McDonald's Facts


  1. More people recognize the McDonald’s trademark sign than a cross.
  2. The England’s Queen owns a McDonald’s restaurant near Buckingham palace.
  3. The company makes head-spinning US $75 million per day.
  4. In the 70’s, McDonald’s used to sell pizza.
  5. In Sedona, Arizona, there’s actually a McDonald’s restaurant with turquoise arches.
Surprising McDonald's Facts


  1. When in U.S., you’re never more than 115 miles away from a McDonald’s.
  2. To earn enough money to buy a Big Mac, an average person in India should work almost six hours.
  3. 75% of all the Mexico-grown sesame seeds ends up on top of McDonald’s hamburger buns.
Surprising McDonald's Facts


  1. About 7% of all the U.S.-grown potatoes end up being McDonald’s fries.
  2. The burger giant sells about 75 hamburgers every second.
Surprising McDonald's Facts


  1. The smallest McDonald’s restaurant is located in Tokyo, Japan and it’s only 492 square feet ‘big’.
Surprising McDonald's Facts


  1. McDonald’s busiest 10 restaurants are all in Hong Kong.
  2. Can you guess how many ingredients are there in Chicken McNuggets? 40!
Surprising McDonald's Facts