Most Outrageous Grammy Outfits

18 Most Outrageous Grammy Outfits Ever

Once you see our list of the most outrageous Grammy outfits ever, you won’t be able to take it out of your head. You’ve been warned!

The Grammy Awards red carpet is the one where fashion industry meets music industry and where many interesting things are guaranteed to happen. It’s a parade of very different outfits and looks, some of them iconic, some of them impeccably beautiful, and some of them hilarious. One thing is, however, for sure – none of the Grammy red carpets ever disappoints us, for they always bring along a river of outfits that shock us, stun us or surprise us.

With the 58th annual Grammy awards getting closer, we’ve decided to give you a summary of the most outrageous Grammy outfits ever worn on its red carpet.

We’re starting with the pop icon Cher, who occupied not one, but two places on our list. The first place she deserved by stealing the spotlight with the skimpy ‘mermaid’ outfit she wore in 1974. The second time was when she arrived at the Grammy’s in a torn gown made of the material that resembled the one of a garbage plastic bag, in 2008.

There is, then, of course, Grace Jones together with her 1983 Grammy outfit – because how could something extravagant like this go on without her. Cyndi Lauper’s look from the following year is definitely one of the most colorful and most outrageous Grammy outfits ever. Annie Lenox came to the 1995 Grammy Awards dressed like Minnie Mouse and made sure to hit the list as one of the most memorable Grammy appearances.

The most outrageous Grammy outfits list, of course, couldn’t be complete without the shock queens of today. That’s why the most recent Grammy Awards red carpets’ most extraordinary look belong to whom else, but Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

Check out the most outrageous Grammy outfits ever!