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Long Hair Is

15 Short Hairstyles For Brides That Prove That Long Hair Is Overrated

This article is for all the pessimists claiming that long hair is an imperative for a beautiful, stylish bride, as for all the excited future brides in search for a perfect hairstyle for their big day.

Finding a right hairstyle for the wedding day is just another thing on the list making many brides anxious, especially those with short hair. Yes, short hair don’t care and whatsoever, but the wedding is knocking on the door! What to do?!

Well, first of all, don’t panic – you have no reason to. While long hair is giving you somewhat more options when it comes to choosing your desired bridal hairstyle, there are plenty of short hairstyles that can be just as beautiful, if not even more.

Check out these beautiful bridal hairstyles that will convince you that long hair is simply overrated

Soldier-like short hairstyles, bobs, pixies, short waves and curls – they can all be turned into the most dazzling bridal looks you can imagine!

Depending on your personal style preferences and taste, it’s up to you to choose a hairstyle that suits you, your face shape, your hair type and your overall outfit best. For example, you can opt for the ultimate simplicity and minimalism, and do nothing but a small, plain touch up with a styling gel or some other hair product to give it the glossy effect. If you’re more into extravagance and glamour, however, big, shiny accessories are your perfect choice! There are plenty of great adornments to pick from. You can go with some unique clips decorated with pearls, or choose between beautiful flower corsages, or even go with the tiaras and head chains – that are certain to provide you with a uniquely feminine and romantic look.

We’ve picked for you some of the most beautiful short hairstyles to prove you that long hair is not anymore a must for a beautiful, confident bride of our age.