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14 Puppy Breeds That Are Simply Adorable

Puppy Breeds

Choosing the perfect puppy from different puppy breeds can be quite a hardship! But, don’t give up! Puppy is an absolute joy that you will ever have and an unconditional love wrapped up in the small ball of fur, so cute that you will love it from the first sight! With these little creatures, you will never be alone anymore! They will be a perfect companionship and your best friends.

Keeping a puppy in your home is not an easy task and finding a perfect one for your family can be a challenge! Every puppy breed has its own characteristics that you should be aware of when you pick the perfect friend for your family and loved ones. Below you can find the most interesting puppy breeds that we chose for you, so your choice could be easy.

The German Shepherd

The German shepherd puppy belongs to the puppy breeds that are known for their intelligence, strength, obedience and above all they are known for their trainability. If you want a puppy that can be a super guard for your home when it grows up, you will choose this breed! Due to their characteristics, these dogs are used in military and police forces and they are the second most popular dog breed in the USA.

The Husky  

Yes, you have already fallen in love with this adorable puppy, we know! Because, we have done the same! This most adorable puppy belongs to the puppy breeds that are used as sled dogs when they grow up. You have certainly been attracted by their remarkable looks, beautiful eyes that can be with different colors (blue and hazel) and with their thick fur. You noticed how much they resemble the wolves.

These puppies are simply adorable, highly intelligent but also highly independent. They are not an aggressive breed and they are good with children, which makes them a good choice if you have kids. They are affectionate with their loved ones but do not pester for your attention constantly. However, this is not the breed for everyone! Huskies are extremely difficult to train and they are inclined to escape as soon as they see the chance to do so.

The Corgi

This little fellow will knock you down with his cuteness! This puppy belongs to corgi puppy breeds and they are known breed in Wales for more than 3,000 years! These puppy breeds are affectionate and love to spend time with their families. If you choose a corgi puppy for your family you can be sure that your kids will love it since the corgi is very active and he likes to play a lot! Thier name stems from the welsh words “cor gi” which means a dwarf dog!

The Pomeranian

Haven’t you already heard of Boo, the famous little dog that became an Internet sensation? It all started with the facebook employee who works in San Francisco and created a Facebook page for his cute friend with a funny statement  “My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good.” Check this adorable page, you will love it too as millions of people do. We think that besides his adorable cuteness, you don’t need any more reasons to get yourself one!

The Yorkshire Terrier

Well, if you wanna be noticed and trendy and to have a puppy friend with a big personality, you will go for the Yorkshire Terrier! This puppy comes from the very well known Terriers puppy breeds, and due to his small size and cuteness, women just adore him, carrying him in trendy designer purses almost as an adorable living accessory. Of course, it is much more than that, this puppy will be your friend for life with undying loyalty to you.

The Maltese

This is the cuteness beyond every cuteness out there in the world! This living soul captured in the white  coat can be mistaken by some charming, adorable toy! This puppy is gentle and fearless at the same time. The unique characteristic of this breed is their fur which is considered to be hypoallergenic because they do not have the undercoat. So, these lovable little beings are perfect for everyone, even for people with allergies.


In the gallery below, you can find the other puppy breeds that are equally irresistible and beautiful! There are bulldogs,  St. Bernard puppy, Pug puppy, Dachshund puppy,  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Samoyed puppies. You can choose them by their personality, like bulldogs, who are fighters but at the same time, gentle and devoted or gorgeous little hunters like Dachshund and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies.

Whatever you choose, you will receive the tons of love and affection as well as a friend for life!