how to get a minimalistic tattoo like rihanna

13 Cute Minimalist Tattoos that will mark you forever

Check out these 14 cute minimalist tattoos and see if you can resist having one just like this! Whether you’re a tattoo fan or not, the extreme cuteness of these tiny simple tattoos is undeniable.

Having heard the word ‘tattooed’ in 2016 doesn’t necessarily have us picturing a stereotypical old motorbike rider covered in massive, colorful, complex-designed tattoos from top to toes. These days, the beauty is in the detail and simplicity. Tattoos are no longer reserved for particular social groups, nor lifestyles, and they no longer carry the imperative of loud and vivacious boldness.

Minimalist tattoos – simplicity and style

These cute minimalist tattoos have become a major trend, thanks to the ever-growing number of tattoo fans having these tiny pieces of art inked into their skin. The tinier and simpler, that is, the less detailed it is, the better. These cute minimalist tattoos, of course, vary in their shape, position, inspiration, color and size, but the whole idea spins around the simplistic forms and thin single lines.

If you’re new to tattooing, you may prefer to start with something small, subtle and discreet, something with no too much commitment to it. Keeping it simple and elegant, however, doesn’t mean keeping it dull or deprived of meaning. While these overly cute minimalist tattoos may be the latest trend, don’t forget it’s going to be adorning your skin for the rest of the life. Thus, you want to make sure it’s representing your true self or something very special to you.

Finally, the best thing about these cute minimalist tattoos is that thanks to their simplistic design, you finally don’t have to be depending solely on the skills of your tattoo artist. You can easily design your own drawing and have a professional carve it into your skin and make it a permanent and unique part of your being.

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