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12 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Loves Staying In


These Are The  12 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Loves Staying In . . .

1. “Be that as it may, it will be so fun!” It may be, it may not be, but rather you know what will certainly, without a doubt be entertaining? My arrangement of sitting on my lounge chair with popcorn. So I’m staying with that.

2. “You’ve barely gone out at this week.” I know. That was one of my most loved parts about this week.

3. “I believe you’re discouraged.” Because I would prefer not to go to a party at midnight with ’90s brothers yelling Kesha lyrics? That is not a known symptom of depression, FYI.

4. “So you’re simply going to stay here in solitude? Aw, that is pitiful.” €‹Sad?! I’m going to make this abnormal Pinterest banner with a glue weapon and some cutout letters, and after that eat Cheetos in underwear. That seems like the inverse of miserable to me, old buddy.

5. “Be that as it may, everybody will be so eager to see you!” That’s so sweet! It would be ideal if you advise them that I love them yet that I am also accountable for my own particular choices and only very seldom feel great at gatherings. Xo.

6. “I’m going to quit welcoming you to things in light of the fact that you never go.” That’s mean, yet reasonable.

7. “Do you hate fun?” Oh, no, no, no! I cherish fun, which is the reason I’m going to stay inside and rearrange my closet while listening to Sia.

8. “Why not have any desire to go out? You don’t even have any plans!” Eating ziti while observing Pretty Little Liars is absolutely an plan, so I don’t see your point.

9. “Katie will arrive! You adore Katie!” I do love Katie and I plan to see her one week from now for coffee, and that will be fun then and not currently!

10. “Try not to be shy. Everybody there will love you.” As well they ought to. The issue is I additionally cherish myself and need to hang out with just me.

11. “In any case, you have to loosen up. You’ve been so focused on recently.” Yes, and some part of that stress is as of now originating from being requested that do things I totes would prefer not to do.

12. “In any case, there will be a giant chandelier and 18 kegs and face painting and child monkeys conveying little crepes!” It doesn’t make a difference how phenomenal the gathering is. There will even now be individuals there and I will need to put on jeans. No.