What To Wear

12 Super Stylish Guest Outfits Ideas: What To Wear To A Wedding

What to wear, oh, what to wear… This ultimate question best depicts our everyday struggles and hours spent on the path between the wardrobe and the mirror. It’s the question that follows our everyday womanly battles that start from early morning and repeat themselves many times throughout the day. Twenty-four hours means many fashion choices, many stylish dilemmas and big messy clothes piles scattered all over the place.

Even worse, these sweet little worries become almost alarming around the big dates and dressy occasions. ‘But, what to wear?’ – is the second thing that comes into our mind after being invited to a wedding. And even at the mere thought of the struggles that we will probably have to endure on our way to choosing the best fitting outfit, our hand palms start sweating.

Before starting to panic, there a few things to consider when choosing what to wear to a wedding

The most important thing is that your choice of wear makes you feel comfortable and stylish, while not overshadowing the bride or drawing attention for any wrong reasons. So, here comes the first and ultimate rule to stick with when you’re a guest at a wedding: no matter what, don’t wear white! You don’t want to be getting hostile glances from the bride and her numerous backups for the rest of the evening.

If what you think will solve your ‘what to wear’ anxiety quickly and efficiently is a black mini dress, don’t hesitate – the taboo of wearing black to weddings is a thing of past. Now, black is welcome to all the dressy, evening occasions.

The last thing to remember is that less is not always more, meaning that it’s better to go overdressed than underdressed.

To make your stylish predicaments easier and to speed up the whole ‘what to wear’ process for you, we picked some of the most stylish outfits to wear at a wedding.