100 Years Of Women’s Beauty And Look In Russia Russian Girl 2015

100 Years of Women’s Beauty and Look in Russia

100 Years of  Women’s Beauty and Look in Russia

Trimmed Video’s fabulous hair and cosmetics arrangement investigates Russia’s history with the assistance of model Anya Zaytseva. For a greater amount of “Women’s Beauty and Look in Russia” look at Cut Video’s take a gander at the styles of Mexico, North and South Korea, India, and the Philippines.

A shocking new video diagrams the advancement of magnificence in Russia over the previous century, offering a look into the nation’s developing political and social atmospheres through the changing styles of its ladies.

Made Cut.com inside of its 100 years of magnificence arrangement , video star model Anna Zaitseva , which takes the viewer on a wonderful trip through the previous ten years , she is changed over and over in the group of cosmetics craftsmen and beauticians to mirror the excellence patterns of every period . Subsequent to the 1910s,

with a refined and rich look , the video closes with the 2010s tribute to women’s activist challenge band Pussy Riot, including model Anna to wear a balaclava to cover her face made ??up , in the same style as it is presently tragically surely understood craftsman.

A vivacious new video, which is a piece of the viral ‘100 years of excellence’ arrangement, investigates how ladies’ magnificence patterns have advanced over the previous century in Russia, taking a visual excursion from Art Nouveau’s class to striking lines and well known hide Kubankas.

The video stars model Anya Zaytseva who, with the assistance of hair and make-up beauticians, changes hopes to reflect diverse decades 10 times throughout the clasp.