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Aislinn-Derbez-100 Years Of Women's Beauty And Look In Mexico

100 Years Of Women’s Beauty And Look In Mexico

Women’s Beauty and Look in Mexico since last 100 years ago for women in mexico. Mexican beauty is in the spotlight thanks to the last film of the series ” 100 Years of Beauty ” ,focusing on Central America model nation.Starring Reyna Marquez, episode 5 of the series of agency  media cutting takes us a tour -stop whistle Mexican makeup trends this century .The video starts with a bare face and long braids braided quickly pressed against head and accessorized with a  sombrero and a gun to celebrate the 1910s . Sharp Repair Image Reina sees glammed up twenties, with a pencil thin eyebrows , deep red lipstick , beautiful hair and beaded necklaces , creating a  sophisticated look.

in Women’s Beauty and Look in Mexico, The aesthetic is polished to the thirties, with lipstick stay put, but replaced glamour hair bun. Long established in the style of the forties waves to thick eyebrows and a thin completed makeup (  lipstick while remains ) .Smoldering hair eyes fixed upward, a cigarette and earrings mark the arrival of the year fifty , before all the changes and the hive, pale lips , eyeliner wings pearl  earrings and ring sixties siren

The fun continues in the seventy years , when mats and look brazen to keep things fun , and in the eighties , when the ears of the hip buckles, the shadow collision purple and red eye pink lips  and a huge tail dirty side encapsulate contempt decades. Nineties grunge comes in the form of red burgundy lips and bronze tones Chouchou , but by the time the cast around naughtiest hair  straighteners have become the norm , and the look is elegant and pretty. Women’s Beauty and Look in Mexico glamour at its best served in the 2010s , with great dry because air waves completed smoky eyes and pink lips.

100 Years Of Women’s Beauty And Look In Mexico in the great view in Episode 5: