100 Years Of Women’s Beauty And Look Inbrasil brazil 2015 Adriana lima

100 Years of Women’s Beauty and Look in Brazil

Brazilian women are one of the sexiest in the world and a new video “100 Years of Women’s Beauty and Look in Brazil” card the evolution of beauty in the South American country during the last century , offering an understanding of the political and cultural landscape of each decade through a change of style.

In its 100 years of Beauty , a team of makeup artists and Cut.com stylists turns 29 -year-old Brazilian model Cintia Dicker in eleven different looks to reflect the beauty trends of each decade – from 1910 and ends today.

While pumpkin spice Cintia colored hair is pinned to the curly bob represent the turn of the century, he is well blown represent 2015 – proving that just a hair and make-up change can certainly change the appearance of a woman.

This video starts with a bare face Cintia looking into the camera before timelapsed footage shows her style in Brazil, a woman living in 1910 .

During the 1800s and the late 1900s , many European immigrants settled in Brazil, which makes the country a cultural melting pot

In the 1910s , bobbed hair, to replace the complex of King Edward Updos thanks to French singer Polaire and the famous ballroom dancer Irene Castle, who introduced her to Bob to America in 1915 .