100 Years Of Women’s Beauty And Look In cute-korean-girl 2015

100 years of women’s beauty and look in Korea

Korean version of the cut of  100 years of women’s beauty and look in Korea ” viral video series not only to seize the hottest beauty trends from 1910 to 2010 , he also showed how women have changed appearance  were influenced political and economic situation in each decade.

Researcher Robin Park in pro- cut scenes video interview , explained how the history of Korea – Japan  colonialism to a split between North and South in the communist and capitalist regimes , respectively – shaped ideas about what he thought , Koreans were not beautiful “during the Japanese colonization , the people who were looked better than Japanese Koreans so I knew from 1910 1950. 1945 , which has been the trend , ” he said.

Park then explains the dominant ideology of the North and South and that the standards of beauty have changed with the changing values ??of each state, as shown when the video is divided into two parts .”When , after their breakup, North Korea adopted the communist ideology , which focuses on labor, industry , equality , egalitarianism , so it was less focused on the production and marketing , and is more focused on how you can contribute to the development of society and that what was considered beautiful , ” he said . Meanwhile, in the trends of the South beauty has been largely influenced by the capitalist powers .

“They follow essentially according to capitalist economic power was enormous at the time ,” said Park . ” So for the majority of the time , it was the United States or Japan. So even if they were happy that they were released from Japanese colonialism , they continued to follow their trends. “