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I write all the time about a girl’s perspective on love, dating, and relationships. This time, I wanted to talk about a man’s perspective on dating, and how he can tell when a girl likes him. There are lots of things that girls can do to show a man that she fancies him. A girl should never get too overly aggressive and flaunt herself silly in front of a man she wants to attract. If you read my previous articles, you’ll know that I believe that a man should pursue a woman. However, there are certain ways a woman can subtly let a man know that she’s into him. There are many ways that a man can tell when a woman likes him. A man can even tell that a woman likes him, when she tries to show him that she’s not into him. Sometimes, when she’s not even aware of it, she’s giving off a certain je ne sais quoi type of energy, and a guy can just tell by that. I decided to write a list of 10 ways that a man can tell you like him.
Here’s the list:
1. All it takes is the right kind of smile. If he smiles at you and you smile right back, that’s a sure way of knowing you dig him.
2. He can tell by the way you look at him. Especially, when you give him your bedroom eyes. Fierce like a tiger and fiercely obvious to him that you like him.
3. When you try to avoid contact with his eyes.
4. When you initiate contact with him via text, telephone, or email, without having a bona fide reason for getting in touch.
5. You make excuses to touch him or playfully push him.
6. You get some sick, twisted pleasure in teasing him and provoking him to react.
7. You can’t stop staring at him.
8. You laugh at all of his jokes, even when they’re not that funny.
9. You get hurt or upset when she doesn’t hear from you or you don’t call or text back soon. This girl definitely likes you!
10. It’s a known fact that when someone likes you, their pupils dilate. It’s not something she can control, when she likes you.