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7 wardrobe pieces that every girl needs to have

There are some wardrobe pieces that will never go out of fashion and that every trendy girl must have in her wardrobe! Those are timeless items that will be a perfect match for so many outfits that you can possibly think of. And the best thing, you can wear them for years and be stylish and glamorous!


Wardrobe pieces that  are simply irreplaceable

So, let’s see what these pieces are and whether you need a wardrobe refreshment! We are sure that you already have many of these, but check them out anyway!


1. A classic trenchcoat

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This belongs to timeless wardrobe pieces that can be trendy for every occasion. With the trench coat, you can do various combinations! You can pair it with the skirt and high heels or a pair of good, skinny jeans! In any combination, it will be super trendy in every year!


2. Skinny jeans

wardrobe pieces any woman should have


Always gorgeous and always trendy, this is a must have piece of clothes! With high heels, these jeans look  stunning and it will always be in fashion!


3. The leather jacket

wardrobe pieces that every girl should have


This is the staple that is made for all times! Some of the most amazing looks cannot be made without this piece of clothing! Whether it is a casual off-duty look or elegant and fashionable, the leather jacket is irreplaceable in every trendy girl’s wardrobe.


4. The tailored blazer

wardrobe pieces that every girl should have


Tailored blazers are those wardrobe pieces that come in handy when it comes to the office dress code that you need to follow! They can make almost any piece of clothing into the work outfit combination. And, they are the perfect choice when the warmer days come, instead of heavy coats and jackets!


5. The knee-high boots

wardrobe pieces - boots


There is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows how to wear knee-high boots! They can be a great boost to the overall look, something that gives the tone of chic and glamour to your combinations!


6. The little black dress

wardrobe pieces that every girl should have


And, of course, her Majesty – a little black dress! This is simply a ‘must have’, piece that can be excellent choice in every combination! Something that would always be classy, elegant and sophisticated!


7. The ballet flats

wardrobe pieces that every girl should have


Every girl out there knows that wearing heels all the time can be sometimes exhausting! These shoes are those wardrobe pieces that are comfy and it can still be trendy and elegant! You must have at least one pair in your wardrobe.

So, those were the items that are simply ‘must have’ for a trendy girl! So, check your wardrobe and treat yourself with one good shopping if you see that one of those is missing!