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10 Healthy Halloween Treats


The thought about the highs and lows a child gets from gorging on Halloween candy is sufficient to put the panic in any parent. However, children don’t have to succumb to sugar’s roller coaster ride. Here, we’ve gathered together 10 healthier Halloween goodies that are certain to be a treat.

1. Clementine Pumpkins

Children can assist you with making an assortment of appearances on clementine pumpkins. In the event that you would prefer not to utilize a permanent marker on the skin, black contact paper or stickers are a good substitute.

2. Witches’ Hands

Witches’ hands can be made by filling food handler gloves with popcorn. Utilize an almond or sweet corn for fingernails, tie them off with a string, and add a creepy crawly ring to give them that spooky touch.

3. Monster Eyes

Monster Eyes sausage balls have an additional freaky feel, because of pimento-stuffed olives for eyes.

4. Mummy Dogs

As much as children prefer hot dogs, mummy dogs produced using hot dogs, crescent rolls, and a little drop of mustard are certain to be a hit on Halloween.

5. Monster Apple Bites

Monster apple bites utilization fragmented almonds for teeth. To keep the apples from turning brown, absorb them lemon water for around 10 minutes.

6. Pretzel Brooms

Pretzel brooms made with string cheddar are an exquisite snack.

7. Meringue Ghosts

Although meringue ghosts are still sweet, children will have a fabulous time making them €” and utilizing organic fixings will make them healthier than marshmallows.

8. Mummy Cups and Halloween Popcorn

Fill these cute DIY mummy cups with your children’s most loved popcorn, and include some candy bats for a bit additional Halloween fun!

9. Soup, Dip, and Sandwich

A supper brimming with spooky snacks has Halloween composed on top of it! Cemetery Seven-Layer Dip, Mummy Open-Faced Broiled Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches, and Spider Web Tomato Soup sound like the perfect meal before a night of trick-or-treating.

10. DIY Banana Mummies


Bananas get somewhat of a Halloween makeover with Lexie’s Kitchen’s Frozen Banana Mummies. Drizzled in caramel and/or sprinkled with coconut, they’re a fun expansion to your Halloween festivity.