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10 Antique Silver Ring Designs That Has Awesomeness Written All Over It.

If you look back to the year 1994 when former miss universe won the crown and was interviewed on national television, you must have heard her say that the man of her life must be worthy enough to gift her €œbig stone €. Whether that big stone would be antique silver ring design or a plain proposal band, it was not told to us. She however has a collection of antique silver ring design which makes PYTs go crazy.



While growing up, we had our beliefs and dreams on the charming prince who would come and woo us with some even planning our wedding. But now that we are grown-ups we have work schedule to adhere to, families to manage and our own sense of style. This is why we are taking this chance to discuss antique rings since you love them and would want to buy them. The shape of the ring would matter most in addition to color, the clarity and cut of the big stone on the silver ring. Keep in mind the stones geometry and not just the cut of the stone and with your fiancée knowing you all too well should know your likes and dislikes.




Focus on setting which means the metal framework on which the stone would be mounted which could be for designer silver earrings, earrings made from silver or even precious proposal and engagement silver rings. Most girls prefer the four setting though opting for the timeless trendy oval rings for the ear or the figure seem to be the norm these days.Drop a hint to him about the type of silver ring you would want to wear because for him to present you with a promise ring, proposal ring or engagement ring isn’t just an act of love but an investment too. Couples this days shop for rings together but if you want it to be a kind of a surprise, drop a hint and leave it at that.



Quality of metal in use especially for bands and engagement rings should be of high tone and texture. Platinum and sterling silver are a perfect choice because both of them are durable, hypo allergic and very pure. These two are especially perfect for those with light skin.



Finally ensure certification from reputed council while picking diamond studded silver earrings or silver band rings. Make wise decisions while shopping for gifts for your loved one and make sure it’s safe too.