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Drinking Milk Is Not As Healthy As We Think!

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If you grew up anywhere in the American continent, chances are you probably were told each day in one way or another how good and necessary drinking  milk is. €œIf you don’t drink your milk, you won’t grow big and strong! € These were the remarks I would get from my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, basically every adult around me was trained to tell me how good milk is. How could they not be trained to say this if that’s what they were taught growing up, and what their parents and grandparents were taught as well.

The milk industry has done an excellent job of promoting the importance of drinking milk to everybody!



Milk is great to nurture and grow calves, but it’s not the same for humans. In fact, studies have shown that it harms you more than it helps you. Researchers tie the negative effects of liquid milk on D-galactose, which is a breakdown product of lactose that has been shown to be pro-inflammatory. Milk has a lot more D-galactose than cheese or yogurt. Here are some reasons why drinking milk is not as great as we have been trained to think:


The belief that milk improves bone health is not as true as most of us think it is. Yes, milk contains calcium, but you would have to drink 3-4 glasses of milk a day to get the amount of calcium you need in your daily diet. For an adult, this amount of milk per day could lead to other consequences. Studies across countries have shown that milk-drinkers were actually more likely to suffer bone fractures than those drinking less milk.

In observational studies across countries, higher milk intake has been linked to increased risk of prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, constipation, ear infections and acne.

In experimental animal studies, the primary milk protein €œcasein € has been shown to promote cancer initiated by a carcinogen. Other studies have also shown an increase in IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) levels which has now been implicated in several cancers. Milk protein could also play a role in triggering type 1 diabetes and increased cholesterol levels.

Today there are several options to substitute cow’s milk such as Almond Milk and Cocunut Milk. But if you must have dairy, then stick with yogurt, it’s a far better option.


Could Drinking Milk Be The Reason Why We Age So Fast?

Fact: D-galactose is actually used to create animal models of aging!