10 Gorgeous Glamorous Eye Shadows

Glamorous eyeshadows are becoming very popular and you’ll even see them used more casually by many. This glamorous eyeshadow makeup trend allows you to use many different eyeshadow shades that you may have never thought of using before. They also look gorgeous matched to one or more pieces of your attire or accessories. Keep watching I’M ADDICTED TO YOU on Facebook to learn step-by-step how to perfectly apply your glamourous eyeshadows.

You’ll love matching your eyeshadow tones with your purse, shoes or even a scarf. This will certainly set you apart from the crowd, without a doubt you’ll have many loving your makeup and style altogether, or simply wondering whether you’re a fashion guru. hen you know how to match your eyeshadow with your attire without overdoing it, you simply spread elegance around you wherever you go. Whether it’s a casual gathering, a business meeting or your best friends birthday party, you will definitely stand out with elegance. Here are 7 beautiful glamorous eyeshadow styles that are super easy to apply and they’ll make you look like a superstar. Remember to watch the step-by-step tutorials for these glamorous eyeshadow make-ups at I’M ADDICTED TO YOU on Facebook.

The use of gel shadows and bright colors are perfect to obtain a dramatic eye look and of course, use either liquid eyeliner or a pencil and line the inner lids with black eyeliner. Lastly, use a good and dark mascara on the top and bottom eyelashes, and if you want to get an even more glamourous and dramatic eye look, use fake eyelashes which will make both your eyes and eye makeup stand out dramatically.

DIY Natural Looking Makeup

Here are some simple and easy tips to follow to get that flawless natural looking makeup that you can use daily. It’s very likely that you are already using most of these products but the following tips will ensure you get that beauty makeup that accentuates your facial features and just simply makes you look gorgeous.

First Step: apply your choice of foundation with a foundation brush throughout your entire face and then finish blending with a sponge to ensure you get the foundation evenly spread.

Second Step: apply concealer around your eyes, in your t-zone and in areas where your facial expressions are mostly marked, in this example as you can see concealer was also applied to the lines that form around the mouth especially when you talk and smile which is probably a very common area of focus for a lot of us. Additionally, applying concealer to your jawbone area is also a great way to highlight your face to get a livelier and glowing natural make up look.

Third Step: apply translucent powder to the areas where you applied the concealer and blend to all areas of the face to set both the foundation and concealer for a longer lasting flawless look.

Fourth Step: apply contouring highlights and shadows to your entire face, under your cheekbones, around your jaw bone, on the sides of your nose, on your forehead crown, etc.

Fifth Step: apply a nice peachy blush that suits you for an everyday anytime use to get that healthy young look that you’ll absolutely love.

Sixth Step: apply a maroon tone eyeshadow to your complete eyelids with an eyeshadow brush and make sure to blend it out thoroughly.

Seventh Step: apply cream brown or black eyeliner and smudge the eyeliner to give it a less defined more natural look.

Eighth Step: Lastly, apply a good mascara to your eyelashes to dress up the eyeshadow and eyeliner and accentuate your eyes which are the most important when doing makeup.

Although common and simple, using all of these makeup tips together really make a difference in your everyday makeup use. I’m sure you will love looking at yourself throughout the day, very natural yet flawless and younger looking!

Fashion Trend Highlights

The 2017 Fashion Trend Highlights seem to be ones to stay trending for quite some time. Check out these trend highlights that I’m sure you’ll love.


Stripes have been trending for the past few seasons and we will continue to see them throughout 2017. Keeping a couple striped pieces in your wardrobe will be a trend saver for this 2017. Stripes have become a classic that I highly doubt will be out of fashion anytime soon. So maybe investing in a nice striped dress, shirt or pants  isn’t a bad idea.


Patterns and painterly prints will continue to be popular throughout 2017. The fashion world has focused on prints of flowers, geometrical shapes, and different checkered prints and plaids. Again, these are wardrobe pieces that you’ll definitely want to keep since this trend continues to prevail.


Sneakers will continue to be extremely popular in 2017. You can never have too many sneakers, as you can have them in many different styles and colors to go with different outfits. These styles can range from simple plain white sneakers to glitter, leopard, and satin additions to easily dress up any outfit in any season.


Mules will stay trendy in 2017. You can either use them casually or dress them up as you desire. Mules in different styles will become very popular such as Flat mules, low block-heel mules, heeled mules, sneaker mules, and espadrille mules. As well as in different colors and fabrics including velvet, satin, canvas, and embroidery.


There’s a spark for comfy elegance in 2017. With athletic inspired designs, you can dress up business casual and combine both elegance and comfort. This is a fashion trend that’s anticipated to continue for several seasons. Next time you go shopping, keep this trend in mind, these designs can be used for many different occasions which also make them a great investment for our wardrobes.

6 Swimsuits Trends For Summer 2017

If you’re wondering which one of your swimsuit you should wear this summer, take a look at the most trending swimsuits this summer 2017. You may just realize that your swimsuits are no longer the trending type and it’s time to buy new ones. Here are the five most trending swimsuit styles for summer 2017.


This style is unique and trending. Very conveniently you can use the swimsuit tops as crop tops and just put on a pair of shorts and you’re good to go.

Scoop-Back One-Pieces

The scoop-back one-piece is another ’90s trend that continues to stay trendy these past couple years. This swimsuit style is very comfy, fun and gorgeous.

Crocheted Bikinis

Crocheted bikinis are a big hit this season and this style never appears out of fashion, so it’s definitely a good addition to your collection. This material helps highlight your curves and gives you a delicate yet gorgeous look.

Cut- Offs

The cut-off swimsuit has been trending for some time now and designers continue to enhance the style by making these more trending and beautiful each year.

High-Leg One-Pieces

One-pieces have been trending for a while now and continue to be one of the hottest swimsuit style this summer 2017. One of the most trending styles of its kind is the high leg one piece.

High-Waisted Bikinis

High-waisted bikinis are a classic and they are back and trending. This retro style is a great way to cover any problem areas and helps to elongate your legs. High-waisted two-pieces were basically invented to give you the perfect hourglass shape.

Five Shoes Every Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe!

Fashion trends come an go and each season we see different shoe styles, but there are certain styles of shoes that simply never go out of style. If you are looking to increase the value of your wardrobe, make sure you invest in a pair of the following styles.

By Cozy Home | Shutterstock


Are the most versatile style of footwear. Perfect for work, dinner events, and late night outings. All you have to do, is choose a heel height that you can manage and believe me, these shoes will become your best friend. Personally, my favorite go to pair of shoes for almost any occasion.

By mlasaimages | Shutterstock


Are a classic shoe and no matter the year or season, this shoe just doesn’t go out of style. You can turn to this classic shoe for many occasions and still maintain a trendy look.

ankle boots
By Victoria Chudinova | Shutterstock

Ankle Boots

A good pair of ankle boots can become your favorite go to shoes. They can be used both casual and dressy. These tend to be comfortable and perfect for outings that will involve more walking. Definitely another great investment for your collection.

By glebchik | Shutterstock

Brougue Shoes

Several designers have ventured into the brogue shoe styles, simply because its an always trending style. It’s the perfect business and casual shoe.

over the knee boots
By HighKey | Shutterstock

Over-the-knee boots

Can be worn both casual and dressy. Whether you wear them with Jeans or with a short skirt or dress, they will give you an inevitably gorgeous look that everyone will love. 

Amazing Beauty Products You Must Know!

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with so many beauty and skin products out in the market and not really knowing which ones to try out? This definitely sounds like me every time I walk by the beauty counters. I know I need a good moisturizer and an awesome primer, as well as something to cover up imperfections on my face, but most importantly, I want a more permanent solution which steers my attention to facial masks and treatments as well. So I finally came across these recently launched products that I’ll be sure to try out this summer and hopefully I love them so much that I stick with these forever.

After 5 years of research La Roche-Posay launched their new line containing prebiotics. This is a bacteria that is good for your skin which promotes the health of micro-organisms that live on top of the skin, and are responsible for maintaining a strong skin barrier. This new double repair moisturizer, provides the benefits of these prebiotics, as well as your daily dose of sun protection, all in one simple fast absorbing and non oily formula that you will absolutely love. The cost of this moisturizer is $19.99

Using a primer can do woders. Primers provide that flawless looking skin that we all desire. Becca just launched their latest primer which provides that perfect luminous and glowy skin look. The actual color of the primer is purple but it goes on sheer. It brightens your skin, evens out imperfections, and makes your complexion look juts amazing. It has an amazing skin-perfecting effect that you can totally skip makeup if you want, but of course like any good primer, it also helps your foundation and other products you wear on top stay on longer. The cost of this primer is $38

Tired of messy facial masks? You will love this new instant facial mask that is completely dry to the touch, its ingredients are only released after 30 seconds of massaging your face after you’ve placed the sheet mask over your face. The most amazing fact about this mask, is that it’s reusable up to 3 times. So not only is it less messy than your typical facial mask, but it’s also a lot more convenient due to it’s reusable ability. It’s composed of rich ingredients including (niacinamide, oils, and plant extracts) which deliver everything you need for your skin in just 15 minutes. This Charlotte Tilbury instant facial mask provides hydration, brightness, smoothness, and lift. The cost is $22

Whenever I think of concealer, I think of a super oily based skin colored paste. But in the case of the new Nars Soft Matte Concealer this is far from reality. Nars recently launched this highest coverage concealer which is an oil free cream and it does an amazing job at concealing without any creases. The concealer has skin-smoothing peptides which minimize the look of fine lines, and spherical powders which help blur away imperfections. This unique Nars Matte Concealer is available in 16 different shades, which makes it an even more amazing product. The cost of this concealer is $30

The first and only over-the-counter product with 0.1% adapalene was finally approved by the FDA in 2016 and it’s this great product called Differin Gel. Dermatologists have long depended on Differin Gel to treat acne and now you can pick up the treatment without having to wait for a prescription.  Adapalene is the same retinoid dermatologists have been using for over twenty years to treat and prevent acne.  This gel regulates the skin cell turnover, and it keeps the pores from clogging while its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and swelling. It’s truly known to be an amazing product. The cost of this gel is $13.99.

Emotions Captured in Illustrations That You Can Almost Feel!

Ever heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”?  The works of this Korean Illustrator named Zipcy are the perfect proof that an image, a picture, a drawing is much more than just that. Zipcy’s work captures emotions with such perfection that you will feel the emotions presented in each one of her illustrations.

Source: zipcy.myportfolio.com

Meet Zipcy whose real name is Yang Se Eun, a 29-year-old artist from Seoul, South Korea.

Zipcy is an illustrator who loves to show emotional sensitivity in her drawings. You can almost feel the love reflected in each one of her illustrations below. Or very well guess what the characters in her drawings would be thinking or feeling in that moment. It’s truly an amazing work where each piece it’s worth more than a thousand words. Here’s my take on the first impression I get when I see each illustration.

Zipcy_Heart beat
Source: zipcy.myportfolio.com

“I love the way you caress me.”

Source: zipcy.myportfolio.com

“I’m lost without you.”

I need you by my side
Source: zipcy.myportfolio.com

“I need you by my side.”

Source: zipcy.myportfolio.com

“I can feel you love my touch.”

Life next to you just feels perfect
Source: zipcy.myportfolio.com

“Life next to you just feels perfect.”

Tips to Maintain Beautiful Skin!

Do you struggle to maintain a good healthy looking skin despite having tried so many different products? The secret to having beautiful skin may be easier than you think! You can obtain that natural glowing skin on your face by following a few simple tips.

Don’t use heavy-duty cleansers

Don't use heavy-duty cleansers
By Zynatis | Shutterstock

The best cleansers are mild, non-detergent cleansers. Look for products that contain gentle, plant-derived surfactants (such as the prefix coco– which is short for coconut, for example, or gluco– which is derived from fruit sugars).

Avoid using toner

 Avoid using toner
By Voyagerix | Shutterstock

Toners were invented to restore the natural acidity (pH) of the skin after being washed with alkaline-detergent soap. Therefore, if you are using a pH balanced cleanser, there is no need to use a toner. Many toners tend to be harsh on the skin, so if you can avoid using them at all, it’s probably best.

Make sure acid-laced products are pH-balanced

Make sure acid-laced products are pH-balanced
By RomarioIen | Shutterstock

Look for the words “pH-balanced” on cleansers and exfoliators that contain glycolic or lactic acids. Some can have a low pH which causes dryness and dryness makes your skin appear older.

Use fragrance-free products

Use fragrance-free products
By Tinatin | Shutterstock

The most common cause of skin-care-related allergic reactions is the use of fragrance in your skin products. It’s simply a lot healthier to use products that are labeled “fragrance-free”, especially if you know you have sensitive skin. Products that are marked “unscented” typically contain very small amounts of fragrance to help cover the odors of active ingredients. These are the products you want to use.

Opt for multitasking moisturizers

 Make sure acid-laced products are pH-balanced
By RomarioIen | Shutterstock

The best moisturizers are those that provide both hydration and protection. Look for a moisturizer that has plant-based moisturizers such as natural oils, butters, and essential fatty acids. These penetrate the skin better than man-made emollients like petroleum. Also, make sure that they contain nonirritating physical sunblocks, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Perfect Breakfast! Your Mornings Will Never Be The Same!

A perfect breakfast! I live in a very fast paced city, where the luxury of sitting down and enjoying my perfect breakfast every morning is nearly impossible since I have over an hour of traffic to get to work. But I love researching breakfast ideas that I can at least enjoy on the weekends. I came across this really neat Instagram profile called Symmetry Breakfast that I’m sure you will all enjoy.

Michael who is the creator of Symmetry Breakfast shares some very artistic and tempting perfect breakfast dishes. No matter how simple the breakfast can be such as a fruit bowl and orange juice, it is the decoration and presentation of each breakfast that makes it so much more deliciously tempting. Every morning, Michael wakes up very early to prepare perfect breakfast for him and his boyfriend Mark and decorates two dishes in perfect symmetry and takes a photo to post on Instagram. These pictures look absolutely amazing. So now you know, if you want to impress your loved ones with your breakfast, take a look at some of these dishes and plan to surprise them with a super delicious and beautifully decorated breakfast.

Symmetric breakfast
Source: symmetrybreakfast.com


Symmetric breakfast
Source: symmetrybreakfast.co


Symmetric breakfast
Source: symmetrybreakfast.com

Symmetric breakfast
Source: symmetrybreakfast.com

Beautiful Photography – Capturing The Best Moments In Life!

Have you ever felt like wanting to just freeze time and live in that moment forever?

It’s in those happiest and most unforgettable moments in life, that we wish time could simply stop and stay in that moment forever by photography.So, While it’s obviously impossible to really freeze time, it’s not impossible to immortalize moments.


Beautiful Photography - Capturing The Best Moments In Life

The beauty of photography is what helps us keep special moments immortalized and keeping them, which is why we take pictures of people, things and places we love.


Beautiful Photography - Capturing The Best Moments In Life

She has over 8 years of experience in photography and has focused her career on portraiture. The majority of her work includes sessions for engagements, maternity, newborns, babies, children and models. She has the eye to capture memorable and precious moments in a very unique way.


Beautiful Photography - Capturing The Best Moments In Life

A perfect example of capturing best moments can be seen in the works done by the Studio created by Michelle Ramer. Michelle’s love and passion for photography allows her to create these unique and memorable photographs for her clients.


Beautiful Photography - Capturing The Best Moments In Life

Finally, with all this beautiful images you should simply style your stories. All the Images are created by Michelle Ramer.